The Bench – early valley football

My high school football career in Paynesville, Minnesota, where I grew up, was less than remarkable. I think I hold the school record for the longest negative punt (don’t ask!). Football is big there. Kids start playing right out of grade school. I don’t believe there was any youth football played in the Comox Valley when I moved here in 1974.

But one day I came across these footballers, though I can’t say when or where. Perhaps some reader will know.This might be the beginning days of the Comox Valley Raiders, which is a well-run youth football program and part of the B.C. Provincial Football Association.

I like this photograph because despite the rag-tag equipment and a make-shift bench in the middle of nowhere, you can tell that these kids feel like football players. They’re wearing the gear. Getting dirty. I especially like the footwear of the boy standing on the left and, of course, the middle boy’s hair style.

George Le Masurier

Decafnation | Jan. 27, 2017

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