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The Decafnation is a community that appreciates artistic endeavors. We consume culture with a ravenous appetite. Some irresistible melody or a cleverly written line from a book or film runs through our heads every day. In short, our lives would be dreary without a daily fix from some form of our cultural obsession. This page is dedicated to the importance of art to our daily lives.

Book reports from the DecafNation — 2016

Book reports from the DecafNation — 2016

On Jan. 1 every year, the DecafNation presents its annual collective Book Report. I know what you're thinking, "Hey, this is the first time I've seen this Book Report." You're right, because the DecafNation didn't exist on Jan. 1, 2016. But we plan to make this an...

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Please share your favorite authors, books or movies with the rest of the Decafnation

Why not share your unique artistic peccadilloes with the rest of the Decafnation? Tell us what you are reading, listening to or seeing, and what you think about it. What's your favorite bookstore or art gallery? Your favorite local painter? Just send an email to george@ or add a comment to one of the reviews already posted.

A few useful Internet links

B.C. BookLook — A website devoted entirely to the literary culture of British Columbia. It is also home to the new Ormsby Review, a new vehicle for serious writing about British Columbia, which is edited by former Comox Valley resident Richard Mackie.

Literary Hub — And excellent source of daily news and lively writing about contemporary literature.

Goodreads — Claims to be the world’s largest website for readers and book recommendations. Find reviews of book you want to read and what others are saying about books you liked, or didn’t like.

The Millions — An online magazine about books, art and culture.

The Paris Review — The iconic journal of creative fiction and poetry.

Granta — A literary quarterly founded in 1889 by students of Cambridge University.