Welcome to decafnation, a community of thoughtful, calm people.

In a world already overpopulated with incivility, think of decafnation as a refuge from high anxiety. Instead of a triple-shot, pulse boosting caffeine assault on your nervous system, our writing aims to give you the milder buzz of a decaffeinated beverage.

But don’t let the coffee metaphor mislead you. You’ll find passionate writing and strong opinions here. We’ll take on controversial topics. We’ll explore the edges of unconventional ideas. We’ll welcome a wide range of guest contributors.

We won’t accept content that bullies, or opinions not honestly held. We’ll delete comments that attack people rather than ideas. We’ll push the trolls back under the bridges.

The vision is to create a gracious space. A place where people can share well-considered commentary in a respectful atmosphere. Where authors know that readers are open to diverse ideas. Where people invite the stranger into their midst, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political sensibility. We are people who want to understand how the world looks from behind the other person’s eyes.

But, wait, there’s more. Decafnation will also publish photography that tells a story, and we’ll expect photographers to include that story with their images. There will be reviews of books, music, art, film and pop culture. And we’ll include links to other interesting articles and websites.

So, if you want to calm down and chill out while thinking seriously about things, this is the place to be.


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