Comox Valley governments agreed to follow the Sustainability Strategy in the Regional Growth Strategy, but some are doing better than others. Learn the pertinent questions to identify candidates that value sustainability at a public forum this Thursday, May 24 in Courtenay.


Not all Comox Valley voters know about the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy (CVSS) that our four local governments adopted in 2010.

The CVSS provides a detailed framework to meet eight important goals that reflect the visions contained in Official Community Plans and the Regional Growth Strategy.

To make sure voters know about these goals and the pertinent questions to ask candidates seeking office in the Oct. 20 municipal elections, three community organizations have teamed up to stage a public forum at 7 p.m. this Thursday, May 24, at the Rotary Room of the Filberg Center in Courtenay.

The Comox Valley Council of Canadians, Imagine Comox Valley and the Global Awareness Network hope the forum will raise the profile of sustainability in this fall’s elections.

Some Comox Valley governments have done better than others in following the CVSS. Some haven’t done well at all.

The public forum on Thursday will remind candidates (incumbents and announced candidates have been invited) of the CVSS goals.

And it will also arm voters with the right questions to identify candidates who value sustainability and are committed to working toward the CVSS goals.

REGISTER TO ATTEND: Click here, because space is limited

Helen Boyd, one of the forum organizers, said voters should ask for more accountability on sustainability from their elected officials.

“We want to empower voters on the (Comox Valley) Sustainability Strategy,” she said. “And we want candidates to champion some of these issues.”

The eight goals of the CVSS address housing, ecosystems (natural areas and parks), local economic development, transportation, infrastructure, food systems, public health and safety and climate change.

Kathie Woodley, of the Council of Canadians, said sustainability and climate change should be major factors in government planning.

“We have a clear, integrated, long-term plan already designed,” she said. “If elected officials commit to following it, there’s a clear path to a prosperous and sustainable future.”

At the forum, five local speakers will make presentations on a range of issues that relate to the CVSS, and then answer questions from the audience. There will also be an overview of the sustainability goals in the Regional Growth Strategy.

Admission is free, but the organizers ask people to register through Eventbrite because space in the Rotary Room is limited.

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