High winds throw Comox spit trimaran aground near park

Dec 11, 2018 | News


A Trimaran named Kyst that had been moored in the lee of Goose Spit Regional Park for about a year has broke its anchorage and gone aground near Mack Laing Park.

The owner, friends and family members were out early this morning to make an attempt to float the vessel on high tide. Several inflatable bags had been placed under the boat to life it off the gravelly beach.

Recent high winds must have caused the mooring to pull loose sometime on Tuesday, Dec. 11. About a half-dozen boats are moored in a relatively small area of deep water on the inside of the Spit. Some appear abandoned there.

A catamaran was anchored in the same general area for several years until it was busted apart and disappeared two years ago.

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