These are the written comments made by Electoral Area B residents who participated in Decafnation’s Local Government Performance Review. Comments that breached our journalistic standards have been eliminated. All other comments appear as entered into the online survey platform. Click on each image to enlarge the view.

Arzeena Hamir

I like Arzeena because she asks the tough questions other directors are sometimes hesitant to ask.

Arzeena has been very supportive of our fight with the SEwage Commission to rid our neighbourhood of the stink from the CVWPCC.

She is excellent. I’ll vote for her again. We can’t do better.

Arzeena takes the time to become informed about issues. I value her knowledge and input

I have HUGE respect for Arzeena. She exudes such integrity, respect and knowledge. Honestly don’t know how she does it while running an organic farm, raising kids etc. It was an honour to help with her campaign.

Needs to be in the news more, and provide more newsletters to keep us informed

Don’t know what’s going on at the Regional District.

Arzeena always responds to concerns and takes action.

I like her position on 3L She is on the right track with most things. I am glad she is looking after the farming community.

Have heard or read nothing from her.

I like her. She cares about the environment and seems approachable and honest, unlike many politicians.

She seems to use a common-sense approach.

Arzeena is working hard to bring in new and progressive governing.

Have been very impressed with Director Hamir in every way. Particularly appreciated her support of Curtis Road residents in our difficulties with the Sewage Treatment plant.

Arzeena Hamir is an outstanding director. I highly respect her for her willingness to speak up and be vocal about issues she feels strongly about. She communicates professionally and thoroughly researches issues she’s addressing. She has been unafraid to speak publicly about CVEDS, and other challenges the CVRD is facing.

She is doing an excellent job. Smart, informed, good listener, principled, won’t be bullied by the old boys.

There is no outreach to Area B residents that I am aware of. It would be useful to have the opportunity to sign up for updates on issues that our director is involved with.

Doesn’t even answer or return messages.

Ms. Hamir is a positive force for thoughtful & considered decision-making.

Don’t hear much from her.


Area B Comments on CVRD

I want to board to totally transform the economic development function. I do not want the board to include a misnamed agriplex on the exhibition grounds.

I think that Arzeena is very intelligent, committed and ethical.

I think compared to many decades previously we have a very progressive CVRD board of directors.

Do not take interest in anything outside of their special interests

In terms of big projects, I think the new water filtration plant has been mostly handled well, the emergency notification system works for me, and I sincerely hope that we will get garbage pick up in the future – I am glad to see that this project is at least ongoing. The RD also supports some affordable housing initiatives. As to other critical issues, many are outside jurisdictions not local governments… eg health, welfare rates etc

We really don’t get much information on what happens. Some more outreach to residents would be appreciated.

Happy with the exception of how the Area C Director has voted on 3L as he is pro 3L, I am NOT. Re unified parks program…Edwin Grieve did raise this issue which is good. Otherwise, I like most of what the Directors are doing.

There is little contact or information passed to the residents

Not sure who to blame but we are losing land to development. No trails along Lazo Rd from Torrence to Balmoral where many people walk. They have sold a lot of water access pathways in our area.

Arzeena is an amazing leader and not a bit afraid to make tough decisions nor is she afraid to stand steady in her leadership and opinions.

Would appreciate more communication with constituents regarding issues and projects.

The CVRD could have been doing a better job overseeing CVEDS rather than leaving it to this point. I’m also not overly impressed with their COVID response.

The board structure creates its own historical problems.

Seem to have a focus on small issues versus bigger picture and allow other jurisdictions to treat Electoral Areas as a whipping post

Directors appear to make decisions based on evidence & consultation. Good communication.

We live in a so-called desirable area without any services (water, sewer) at all. Our taxes are nearly $4,000 a year before grants. Our road is a washboard of sunken areas, potholes, broken down edges and only a spattering of rough patchwork has been done over the past decade. We get the runaround when we call to complain, are told to call the contractor who says it’s the responsibility of the Ministry of Highways. In other words, nothing gets done.

Very low key. Administration leads

Area B Issues

These are all critical issues. child care, less so for the RD that other local governments as the RD is an older community

We need to preserve the green areas in Area B. We also need to stand up to Comox Council and Courtenay council. They use our area B to dispose of sewerage, while giving us no say in the matter.

Non of the above. The best service to the people would be to continue the self-lockdown. Don’t do anything, so you won’t do any more damage.

Bike and walking allowances should be included in transport planning. Bike lanes should be much wider from Lazo Road to the airport

Any new development should have mandatory solar panels? Mandatory charging stations? Why not get going in the right direction.

Not sure if they can but stop letting the Town of Comox from taking CVRD land, and from paving it and developing it. Cutting down beautiful forests and animal habitats. Make room for nature. Stop any use or sale of poisons especially rat poison that kill our birds of prey.

I would like to see an RD Parks function

Active Transportation protecting Stotan falls area and Bevan trail and watershed area

Most important issues for me are related to addressing climate change, creating a better infrastructure to support cycling, and addressing food insecurity.

I am completely opposed to a food hub. I do not believe this appropriately or adequately addresses food security. This does not serve to address food sovereignty. This proposal serves a non-profit seeking more control and funding of local food when de-centralizing food systems is the only path to actually addressing food security. Small scale farms are currently thriving. The only major change I would like to see is another small abattoir so that there isn’t a monopoly on small scale meat processing. I would love to see a ban of glyphosate and for the RD and municipalities to stop allowing it because it is used for knotweed. The school district needs to address the bullying, violence, homophobic and racist behaviour happening in and around schools. And finally but most importantly, we could continue to strengthen our relationship with K’omoks First Nation.

Overarching priority should be relations with K’omoks First Nation and reconciliation as per UNDRIP and the TRC’s Calls to Action. This priority should be the lens through which all other issues are addressed.

Stand up for how the Electoral areas are used and abused by Town of Comox and City of Courtenay

How can I narrow the list down to the highest priorities? Each of these are priorities that impact residents valley-wide.

Need the CVRD to lead initiatives for a common growth strategy for the entire Comox Vally, with Courtenay,Comox, Cumberland, KFN

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