These are the written comments made about District 71 school trustees by the respondents in Decafnation’s Local Government Performance Review from each trustee’s jurisdiction. Comments that breached our journalistic standards have been eliminated. All other comments appear as entered into the online survey platform. Click on each image to enlarge the view.

Sheila McDonnell — Area A

No knowledge

Not sure what she has done for us.

Sheila has been very receptive to feedback and concerns about the School Board processes.

I don’t know much about this, but I think teachers and support staff should be on a priority list for COVID vaccines. They are in the US and UK. This might make other demands for more teaching staff, more classrooms, more distancing, masks, etc. unnecessary.

Not had any dealings with her. Have never seen any of her work

Not familiar with her.

All our Valley grandkids are in university now, but so long’s the Denman grade school is kept open (occasionally the province has threatened to shut it down because, in BC Liberalese, it has been deemed “inefficient”) I’m satisfied.No kids in school so not an interest.

Do not know

I have no knowledge of her work as we have no children of school age

Haven’t been watching to be honest

I do not have children is school anymore so have no dealings with Sheila. Anyone to take public office I give them kudos.

No real contact

No idea what she’s up to.

Kat Hawksby — Courtenay

Never hear from or about her.

I have no info to judge.

Not familiar.

Don’t follow

I have heard very little about the school board considering that they are juggling Covid.

Unknown to me

Don’t know enough to comment.

Sarah Jane Howe — Cumberland

Straightforward and caring. Engaged and connected with our school community.

Janice Canton — Courtenay

School trustees too quiet and leave overall policy and direction in the hands of senior management. Not enough checks and balances, minimal decisions in their votes. Too busy listening to ‘good news stories’ that pad senior management egos. Not enough attention to actual community needs and the inadequacies of provincial funding and the future of public education and overall community-based supports to reflect strong communities.

I don’t have children in the school district so I’m not really aware of her performance.


Have not been following the actions of School Trustees.

Janice who?

Some concern about what language she wants to include in the updating of the school district bullying and inclusion policy change that has been proposed.

I have no info to judge.

Not good the tons of money spent on teachers and new school add ons

Not familiar.

Don’t follow

I have heard very little about the school board considering that they are juggling Covid.

unknown to me

Don’t know enough.

I don’t pay attention to school issues.

Cristi May Sacht — Area C

Too early to say

She’s only been there for a few weeks and has no track record. See my comment above about ‘Green’ rural directors and then multiply it even more for school trustees.

Dont follow school issues… too damn old.

Who? All-female school board?

She hasn’t been in this position long enough to assess…

Don’t know enough to rate May

I don’t have any children in the school system (never have) so I don’t pay any attention to school trustees.

Tonia Frawley — Comox

Tonia Frawley tries to be somewhat progressive but has difficulty garnering a collective consensus among her fellow trustees.

Cannot comment as do not have any dealings with the school board.

Not enough experience or interaction for me

School boards and trustees are redundant and should be disbanded.

Nice person but not a good source of information.

She is ineffective and barely comes to PAC meetings.

She has done absolutely nothing for Comox students…she’s no advocate for students or for increased funding to public ed.

She doesn’t answer parent emails. Comes unprepared to PAC meetings and is generally mute when questioned about anything.

I know nothing about her.

Not even aware she exists

I ‘m afraid I don’t enough about how she stands on School Board issues.

Michelle Waite — Area B

The school district does a poor job of getting its news and information to the public. Sometimes this feels intentional.

No idea how that is going

Again, no information reaching us.

I am uninformed.

Don’t follow her.

Unaware of her

Don’t have much information regarding issues relating to schools.

I don’t know enough about her to comment.


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