Join the discussion Oct. 3 about food system security in the Comox Valley

Sep 29, 2022 | Environment, News

The newly-formed Watershed Sentinel Educational Foundation is presenting its first public event on Oct. 3 – a zoom-based discussion on Food System Security in the Comox Valley.

The last couple of years has shown us how fragile the networks that deliver our essentials (and non-essentials) can be, from snow storms to war, to drought and climate crisis.

Join Maurita Prato and James McKerricher of Lush Valley Food Action and Arzeena Hamir, Amara Farm to discuss with us the local food situation, how vulnerable is our Comox Valley food system, its strengths and what’s needed from the perspective of food production and food distribution.

Everyone is welcome. The discussion will be facilitated so that we all get a chance to speak.
The event is being presented with the help of the Watershed Sentinel magazine on Monday Oct. 3 at 6.30 PM. Register at For more information, phone 250-339-6117





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