Day of Action planned to protect Island’s remaining old growth timber

Day of Action planned to protect Island’s remaining old growth timber


Comox Valley citizens will stand others across the province this week to demand that the NDP stop provincial government-sponsored clear-cutting of the little remaining old growth forest left on the Island and South Coast.

The Day of Action will take place at 4:00 p.m. Thursday, June 6, on the Courtenay Courthouse lawn.

“We need to send a strong, clear message about catastrophic clear-cutting sanctioned by our Premier, John Horgan, our Minister of Forests, Doug Donaldson; and our local MLA, Ronna-Rae Leonard. They and the NDP government in Victoria are using BC Timber Sales, an
agency that supposedly represents the people of BC, to auction off significant tracts of old growth to the highest forest industry bidder,” said a spokesperson for the event.

The group wants the provincial government needs to stop telling British Columbians that BC has enough old growth left to sustainably harvest “when the truth is that less than 10 percent of productive, valley-bottom Island old growth remains.”

“The Day of Action will call out our government and its representatives who are relentlessly abandoning old growth forests to the interests of the logging industry,” she said.



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