The attack took place on the commonly-used trail to Valley View Elementary and Mark Isfeld High School

Comox Valley mother seeks info about vicious attack on girl

Apr 24, 2019 | News

By George Le Masurier

UPDATE: RCMP are investigating the incident and have a lead to one possible suspect. According to an RCMP statement, one of the attackers had long blonde hair and wore black and white checkered shoes and black and white pants. Another wore baggy blue jeans with Vans shoes. One of the attackers wore a purple toque. The victim heard both boy and girl voices.

The mother o the girl confirmed for Decafnation that her daughter had been bullied throughout the school year and had received multiple threatening texts, most recently from a number that was unknown at the time, but that RCMP may have now identified. At one point during the year, the texts became so threatening, that the Meszaros changed their daughters cell phone number.

Read a statement by the Comox Valley School board of trustees here


A fifteen-year-old girl was beaten unconscious by a group of four other teenagers, while walking to school Tuesday morning.

Cheryl Meszaros posted a plea for information on her Facebook page. She’s seeking anyone who witnessed something “suspicious in any way or form between 8:30-8:45am on April 23,” on the trail from Valley View Drive through to Valley View Elementary school between the BlackBerry bushes.

The young woman was attacked from behind and did not see her assailants.

Students who go to the elementary school and Mark Isfeld High School use the trail regularly.

Meszaros plea on social media brought an outpouring of support, and several stories of similar incidents at or near Comox Valley schools.

One poster said their granddaughter was “bullied and tortured almost daily” at Highland High School. But complaints to the principal resulted in no action. “The school board and the school won’t (solve) the problem.” the person wrote.

Another poster said “It’s the biggest lie that schools tell all parents : We will NOT tolerate bullying!” They said they had called “countless times” to the school and the school district office, complaining about bullying of their child, but got no help from either source.

Meszaros told Decafnation that anyone with information about this latest attack can message her via Facebook.



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