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5 days left to influence BC’s key forest practices legislation

Jul 10, 2019 | News

By Guest Writer

The BC Government is seeking public input on proposed changes to the Forest and Range Practices Act, the main piece of legislation governing forest practices in BC. These amendments will focus on issues like climate change, biodiversity, government oversight, and public trust in forestry management decisions.

This is a rare and critical opportunity for British Columbians speak up for science-based protection of BC’s endangered old-growth forests!

Introduced in 2004, the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) reduced government accountability and oversight and put the fox (timber industry) in charge of the henhouse (BC’s public lands, including rare and endangered old-growth forests). It also prioritizes timber supply over all other forest management objectives and includes loopholes around old-growth protection big enough to drive a logging truck through! The results have been a disaster and BC’s ancient forest ecosystems, biodiversity, climate, and communities are paying the price.

Now is our chance to demand bold and sweeping changes to this outdated law.

Read more of this story from the Ancient Forest Alliance newsletter where you’ll find a link to provide online feedback on this issue.



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