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BC’s logging practices called out by Comox Valley group

Nov 11, 2019 | News

By Pat Carl

Braving a brisk, cold wind on Nov. 8, supporters of Save Our Forests Team – Comox Valley (SOFT-CV) rallied outside Claire Trevena’s office in Campbell River to protest the provincial government’s continued logging of the last stands of productive old growth on the island.

In addition to two public surveys conducted in July, the province recently commissioned a two-person panel to travel throughout BC and gather more information about residents’ attitudes regarding old growth logging.

But, according to SOFT-CV, neither panel member is an independent expert.

“They are shills who have business connections within the timber industry and are primarily interested in economic development,” Megan Ardyche, an organizer of the protest, said.

One day before the protest, Premier John Horgan was in the Comox Valley for a ceremony breaking ground on a new long-term care facility.

SOFT-CV members asked Horgan if the province had any plans to stop logging productive old growth on the island in the face of the climate crisis.

“Well, there’s a strike happening right now, so nothing’s being logged,” Horgan told a member of the group.

Monica Hofer, a member of SOFT-CV, then expressed her concerns regarding old growth logging to Horgan.

“What would you have me do?” he said. “If we don’t log, we’ll be fighting court battles with countries which we’ve signed agreements with about log exports. That’d cost millions of dollars and eat into the provincial health care budget.”

Pat Carl is a frequent contributor to the Comox Valley Civic Journalism Project. She can be reached at



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