Nicole Minions was sworn in as the Town of Comox’s 11th mayor since 1946 and the second woman to hold the position

No fireworks as Comox Council approves mayors’ appointments

Nov 2, 2022 | Government, Latest Feature

By George Le Masurier

An anticipated disagreement among Comox Town Council members over appointments to the Comox Valley Regional District board gave way last night to lovey-dovey unanimity. 

After councillors and new Comox Mayor Nicole Minions were sworn in at the Nov. 2 inaugural council meeting, Minions delivered her inaugural address in which she asked for “respectful conversations” around the table and said that she has faith the new council will collaborate to put the “community first.”

Then the six-member council voted on Minion’s six appointments to the regional district board. And all were approved unanimously.

Ken Grant and Jonathan Kerr were appointed to the Comox Valley Regional District Board and the Comox Valley Recreation Commission, the Comox-Strathcona Waste Management Board and Comox-Strathcona Regional Hospital Board, with Maureen Swift and Nicole Minions as alternates.

Ken Grant, Jonathan Kerr and Maureen Swift were appointed to the Comox Valley Sewage Commission, with Jenn Meilleur, Steve Blacklock and Chris Haslett as alternates.

To the Comox Valley Water Committee, Ken Grant was appointed with 2 voting units and Jonathan Kerr with 1 voting unit, with Nicole Minions and Maureen Swift as respective alternates.

Jenn Meilleur and Ken Grant were appointed to the Comox Valley Regional Parks and Trails Committee, with Jonathan Kerr and Maureen Swift as alternates.

Minions also made other non-regional district appointments.



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